Re-imagining Money In A Digital World

We invest thematically across capital markets, wealth and asset management, banking-lending-payments, and insurance. We organize our blockchain and crypto work across these sectors under the headline of decentralized finance (DeFi).

We have backed 43 companies operating in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, UK, Germany, Sweden, Ghana, Nigeria, Singapore, and China.

Featured Companies

MoneyLion is changing how America banks, invests, and grows.

MoneyLion is building a digital bank for middle America. Although the US economy has objectively recovered from the Great Financial Crisis, between 70-140 million Americans still remain just $500 away from experiencing a personal financial crisis.

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Axoni is re-platforming global capital markets infrastructure with DLT.

As the broader market continues to search for a practical example of the blockchain being used, 2019 is staged to deliver real-world applications of Axoni’s digital ledger infrastructure “Ax-Core” across trillions of dollars in assets and with some of the worlds most-institutional institutions.

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Reorg empowers finance and legal professionals.

Seeded by FinTech Collective in 2013 and acquired by Warburg Pincus in June 2018, Reorg empowers financial and legal professionals with the information that matters. Post-crisis, a generation of challengers with no technical debt started to take aim at the institutional information market.

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Quovo is the data platform for the future of finance.

The potential is uncapped for the combined Quovo and Plaid team, particularly when you look at companies like Visa and MasterCard at over $500b in combined market capitalization. The next generation of financial leaders is just being born.

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