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DeFi @ FTC


Aug 18, 2021


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Aug 18, 2021



Our dedicated DeFi strategy is stage agnostic, investing in both equity and tokens - from white paper to liquid markets.

We support the financial networks that we invest in through fundamental research, on-chain governance, token design, smart contract development / auditing, liquidity mining, and community development.


Balancer - Automated market maker and portfolio rebalancer for digital assets

Bottlepay - A next-generation bitcoin wallet with support for frictionless payment rails on top of the Lightning Network

Centrifuge - A decentralized network connecting global supply chains to DeFi financing

Coincover - Digital asset deposit and theft insurance for business and retail investors

Dharma - A smart-contract wallet with regulated fiat on / off ramps and DeFi integrations

Multisafe - Crypto treasury operating system for DeFi companies and DAOs

Rainbow - Building a better home for your Ethereum assets

Revert - The go-to analytic tool for managing liquidity positions within DeFi

Secured Finance - Building the yield curve for crypto capital markets

Sublime - Reputation based credit scoring enabling undercollateralized loans in DeFi

UMA - UMA enables anyone to build decentralized financial products

Unbound Finance - The DeFi Treasury for liquidity pool tokens

Other select investments in blockchain include lead checks into:

Axoni - Replatforming post-trade capital markets with DLT

NYDIG - Bitcoin-as-a-service for asset management, banking, payments, and insurance

Minka - Real-time payments infrastructure in Latam


FTC's DeFi strategy is thematic and fundamentally driven - investing in the infrastructure, protocols, and applications that support decentralized finance.

We are currently actively investing across themes that include smart contract wallets, programmable asset management, decentralized exchanges, synthetic assets, streaming payments, KYC’d liquidity pools, and the overall institutionalization of the asset class.

Read more on our thesis here: Decentralized Finance is a Continuum (February 2019) - Outlining the emerging DeFi ecosystem and our early thesis in the space


We are active participants in the decentralized networks in which we invest - designing, building, voting, and providing liquidity alongside the teams we back.

Sean Lippel - Partner and Head of Digital Assets

  • Former world-ranked poker player
  • Early user of Bitcoin (2012), Ethereum investor (2016) and prolific user of crypto applications
  • Fintech venture investor since 2015, specializing in digital assets and alternative credit
  • Investment banking and structured products @ Credit Suisse
  • Columbia Business School MBA, University of Michigan BBA
  • Medium @SeanLippel, Twitter @seanlippel

Ryan Todd - Research Lead

  • Research Team @ The Block, focused on the convergence of fintech and digital assets, and the build-out of public crypto company coverage
  • Research analyst @ ConsenSys, focused on the Ethereum ecosystem
  • Work featured on Bloomberg, CNBC, Cheddar, Real Vision, among other outlets
  • Equity analyst covering consumer finance and payments @ Deutsche Bank
  • Vanderbilt University MS Finance, Florida State University BS
  • Twitter @_RJTodd

William Starr - Technical Lead

  • MobiHacks SF Competition - 1st place winner
  • UAE GovHacks Global Competition - Top 10 finalist
  • Cofounder @ Timeless, a calendar as a service marketplace
  • Cofounder @ Paper, a blockchain system to unify the modern supply chain
  • Blockchain developer @ Eco (Expa) @ Pledgecamp
  • Github @williamstarkro


We are in a multi-decade transition from Industrial Era finance into network-based finance, impacting every vector of consumer, commercial, and institutional finance.