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Kent Collier

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When we were introduced to Kent Collier in December of 2012 by another founder, he was a research analyst focused on high-yield and distressed debt and had spent 10 years on the buyside.

Kent started Reorg in2013, because he believed that high-yield corporate debt would continue to increase over the coming years and felt that investors would soon demand better research and analysis due to a decline in quality and timeliness from traditional research providers.

His conviction was based on personal experience - a few years before founding Reorg, Kent had started a financial newsletter and a private LinkedIn group under a pseudonym “Hunter", which had grown to several thousand subscribers by the time we met. The interest in his content demonstrated the pent up demand for this type of editorial analysis.

What immediately captivated us about Kent was his unwavering clarity, his speed in execution, and his profound conviction. There was a strong feeling of inevitability with Kent. Within four months of starting Reorg, Kent launched the first product. He was sending invoices to customers before the end of the company’s first-month inmarket.

Kent’s thesis aligned with a broader view we held that the dominant financial providers, consumed with protecting market share in the face of declining or stagnant user bases following the financial crisis, were not re-investing in their products. By 2012-2013, a generation of challengers with no technology debt started to take aim at the institutional information market.

When I was analyzing distressed securities, there was an enormous opportunity cost of tracking and finding information in the variety of cases in which I was involved.

Kent Collier, CEO - Reorg Research

Initially focused on docket and breaking news in bankruptcy and distressed debt markets, Reorg built its business through subscription sales to hedge funds, asset managers, and other financial and legal advisors. They carefully targeted the multi-billion-dollar markets represented by Debtwire, Capital Structures, and Bloomberg. A great portion of their early success came from their exceptional speed and quality.

Today, Reorg has fundamentally changed the way financial and legal professionals access complex business information. Its editorial team combines reporting with financial and legal analysis to provide a holistic view of situations and then delivers this analysis in real time using its proprietary platform.

In just five-and-a-half years, Kent took Reorg from founding to a reported $400 million valuation, all with just $1 million in capital. The company currently operates on three continents and serves more than 15,000 professionals.

FinTech Collective first invested in Reorg Research in the seed round in April 2013.

Current Status: Exited (August 2018)