Using Your Devices Against You


Jun 01, 2019



Jun 01, 2019



For the last month, American cities from Baltimore to San Antonio have been under incessant attack from cybercriminals who are interrupting digital infrastructure from real estate sales to water billings – and demanding large sums of money to make it stop.

But what if these cyber hackers are using our own government's weapons? Is the U.S. government to blame?

EternalBlue, which is being used by malicious actors across the world, was originally the hacking crown jewel of the NSA itself. But the NSA ultimately lost control of it through the infamous Shadow Brokers leak. North Korea was the first to co-opt the tool in the WannaCry attackthat would paralyze the British healthcare system and German railroad system.

Now the tool is being used in the U.S., bringing Baltimore's digital pipes to a standstill. To make matters worse, the NSA and FBI won't own up to their role in the fiasco, or their glacial response to get out critical patch updates that might help.

As these cyberattacks continue to make headlines, we may be at the beginning of an arms race between Silicon Valley startups and state-powered entities. We must make sure Kent Brockman isn’t the only one asking the important questions…

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Using Your Devices Against You

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