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NYC's Top Dog


Sep 21, 2019


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Sep 21, 2019



Congratulations to the founders, employees, and investors at NYC-based Datadog on their incredible IPO! After pricing the shares at a $7.8b valuation, the stock rose 40% on its first day of trading to an $11b market cap.

The achievement goes beyond the company and its stakeholders – it’s a new milestone for the NYC tech ecosystem. From a valuation perspective, DataDog surpasses prior NYC IPO standouts such as MongoDB ($1.2b valuation at IPO, $7.5b today), Etsy ($1.8b valuation at IPO, $7.2b valuation today), and Yext ($1b valuation at IPO, $2b today), to name a few.

Datadog also surpasses the recent M&A standouts of Flatiron Health ($2.1b) and AppNexus ($2b).

And the hits for NYC may keep coming. Peloton is planning to raise $1.2b in an IPO that would value the company at $8b. Though WeWork has delayed its IPO amidst valuation and governance concerns, even a major discount to its $47b private market valuation could make it the most valuable NYC tech exit once it does go public.

Unlike other NYC startups, Datadog and MongoDB prove that critical software infrastructure can be built outside the confines of Silicon Valley. Though not currently planning an IPO, UiPath (privately valued at $7.1b) further makes the case for enterprise software in NYC.

We certainly hope Datadog is a harbinger for many more NYC deals to come!

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NYC's Top Dog

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