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Fintech To The Rescue?


Mar 29, 2020


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Mar 29, 2020



With more people in lockdown today than were alive in 1940 (2.6b), governments around the world have been turning on the stimulus taps. The US Fed and Congress unleashed their own $2t stimulus bazooka this week to help mitigate the economic fallout of the corona pandemic.

The debate that is now raging, over certain social media channels, is can fintech, and potentially even DeFi, play an integral role in implementing these unprecedented measures in each country?

With $300b earmarked for supporting American SMBs and each citizen making less than $75k entitled to receive $1.2k, the race is on to figure out the most efficient way to get these dollars in the hands of those most in need. Fintech startups have a tremendous opportunity to prove that they are faster, more efficient, and overall better equipped than incumbents in reaching the masses.

The US stimulus package has also reinvigorated the discussion around a centrally issued digital dollar, a blockchain-based currency that would be issued by the FED. The initial bill even included a provision for instituting the digital dollar, but it was eventually removed during further discussions – nevertheless, it demonstrates that many view a government-issued digital dollar and an accompanying wallet as the most efficient way to disintermediate any potential points of failure in distribution (read: the middleman, banks).

Lastly, we want to wish all our readers to stay safe and stay sane as we collectively push through these trying times. We also trust that you've had enough time to get a work-from-home (WFH) rhythm that is as optimal as Homer's?

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Fintech To The Rescue?

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