Crazy, Rich Americans


Jan 26, 2019



Jan 26, 2019



A recent survey revealed that the average age of U.S. investors with net assets of $25m or more is a mere 47 years old. Approximately 172k of US households classify for this $25m or more wealth distinction, more than doubling from the 84k households in 2008.

So who are these outrageously rich, young Americans and just how did they get so wealthy?

It seems they owe as much to the luck of their birth as they do to actual accomplishments. 9 in 10 investors in the Spectrum survey attributed their success to “family connections” and “inheritance” – with Bloomberg pointing out we have more Paris Hiltons than Mark Zuckerbergs comprising this new echelon of extreme wealth.

With the great generational transfer of wealth just beginning and wealth disparity getting even more pronounced, we will likely see more calls like AOC’s (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) 70% US marginal tax rate on income over $10m.

Moreover, the super wealthy are preparing their children for retaining their amassed fortunes. Young Investor Programs (YIP) held by Credit Suisse, UBS, and Citi Private Bank include workshops on financial theory and estate planning, Shark Tank style startup pitch sessions, and networking breakouts with freshly baked doughnuts and a La Colombe draft latte machine.

For those lucky enough to be born loaded, “Rich Camp” has replaced the horrors of “Fat Camp” from the ‘90s…

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Crazy, Rich Americans

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