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Nov 14, 2020


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Digital Payments, Cash


Nov 14, 2020



Despite Treasury departments around the world printing unlimited cash (25%+ of all dollars were printed in 2020) - people aren’t even using it, and not because it’s dirty (Launder Your Money, FTC Newsletter Mar 20).

Less than 4% of all spending in Norway was made using cash in the last few months. Though hardly surprising - as Norway and Sweden are often cited as cashless exemplars - it is nevertheless remarkable. Three out of every four card payments in Norway are now contactless, and Sweden’s “cash-light” society is best represented by their cash-to-GDP ratio of 1%.

Under dramatically different circumstances, Venezuela continues to push the envelope of digital payments, by necessity. In addition to having more US dollars than Venezuelan Bolivars and the push for the “PETRO” cryptocurrency, US-based Zelle has been a catalyst to turn the country into a cashless test lab, providing relief from rampant inflation and a worthless local currency. It is estimated that 17% of transactions at retail establishments in Caracas go through Zelle.

Zelle, once viewed as the incumbent’s hope against fintech, has also been a strong beneficiary of the digital tailwinds in the US, having processed 323m transactions worth $84b in Q3 alone (compared to $532b in debit volume for Visa). Also noteworthy is Square’s cashless merchants increased 4x from 8% in Mar to more than 31% post-lockdown. Visa’s new “How We Will Pay” report indicated there are 18m consumers shopping for retail products using connected devices.

While it is easy to assume that cash will continue to be printed into 2021, the turbo-charged road to a cashless society is imminent, albeit under differing circumstances.

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Turbo Charged

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