Dec 01, 2018



Dec 01, 2018



John Bogle, the founder of Vanguard and inventor of the index fund (and, in essence, modern “passive” investing), is sounding the alarm on his own creation. Like Frankenstein, the index fund has taken on a life of its own that its creator never anticipated.

Index funds that track the market have grown at a tremendous pace – they represent over $6 trillion and own 35% of the U.S. stock market. The trend is unlikely to abate, and these funds may eventually represent 50% or more of outstanding corporate shares. In that scenario, the “big three” (Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street) alone might own more than 30% of the vote.

The fear shared by Bogle and a number of academics is that a select group of individuals will control the voting power in America’s public companies. The increasing control of index funds is further magnified by the fact that most average retail investors don’t understand the voting process – nor are they typically compelled to vote their shares.

Bogle and others are calling for legislative measures to mitigate the risk – including enhanced fiduciary standards that would more explicitly restrict index funds to vote in the interest of their shareholders.

No matter how the problem is addressed, one thing is for sure – we will need to find a way to keep the FrankenFunds in check!

Portfolio News

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The Frankenfunds

Bogle sounds a warning on index funds - Index funds have grown at tremendous pace, now totaling over $6 trillion and representing more than 17% of total stock market value. Including actively managed funds, mutual fund managers represent more than 35% of the shares of U.S corporations. Read more

Industry News

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Select Financings

Bright Health - Minneapolis based health insurance startup has raised a $200m Series C from Bessemer and other investors. Read more

Flipside Crypto - Florida based crypto network activity tracker has raised $4.5m Series Seed capital from DCG, Coinbase Ventures, and Castle Island Ventures. Read more

LearnLux - Boston based educational fintech startup has raised $2m of Series Seed funding from Sound Ventures (Ashton Kutcher) and Marc Benioff. Read more

LoanStreet - New York based loan origination and syndication platform has raised a $6.5m Series A led by Valar Ventures. Read more

MondoBrain - Paris and Washington D.C. based business decisioning platform has raised $13.3m in venture financing from Japia. Read more

Numerated - Boston based lending-as-a-service and marketing platform for community and regional banks has raised an additional $8m in financing led by Venrock, FIS, and Fintop Capital. Read more

Oriente - Hong Kong based mobile lending and financial inclusion platform has raised $105m in equity capital from Berjaya Group, JG Summit, and Sinar Mas. The round ranks as one of the largest initial funding rounds by a startup in Asia. Read more

Securitize - California based tokenized securities platform has raised a $12.75m Series A led by Blockchain Capital. Read more

Voyager - Philippines based mobile wallet provider has raised $215m from Tencent and IFC. Read more


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