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GPT-3, Machine Learning

GPT-3 & Friends


Jul 25, 2020


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GPT-3, Machine Learning


Jul 25, 2020



Imagine a technology that could automatically generate code for you, come up with your viral tweets, and perhaps write this newsletter... well it’s here.

Machine learning got a massive upgrade this week - the awaited launch of GPT-3 (or Generative Pre-training Transformer 3rd generation). GPT-3, not to be confused with C-3PO of Star Wars fame, is a sophisticated language model that can take inputs like “create a webpage” or “list the Fortune 100 companies in a table” and the result is simply a webpage or a perfectly populated excel table. The artificial intelligence model can perform these tasks with high precision since it effectively ingests all of the text available on the Internet.

Under the hood, it uses language models that statistically predict what the next set of words in a sentence should be, based on the first set of words given. The new model has ingested half a trillion words and is set on 175 billion parameters, the latter of which allows the model to contextually identify if a piece of text is non-fiction or fantasy, health or sports, a pitcher or an outfielder. The latest model has 10x more parameters than its predecessors (and friends) like GPT-2, set on 1.5 billion parameters, or Turing NLG, 17 billion, or BERT, a measly 340 million.

When adequately primed by a human, it can write creative fiction, generate functioning code, compose proprietary music, and much more. In terms of its implications for the financial world, the technology can be used for sentiment analysis, transaction data collection and visualization (it may plot pretty charts!), mundane contract write-ups and analysis, financial advice generation, and crypto quant strategies.

Although we are a while from artificial intelligence technologies taking over our newsletter - we know for certain that GPT-3 and friends will be giving us a hand sooner than later (well, maybe not BERT)...

Portfolio News

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GPT-3 & Friends

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Industry News

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Plum - London and Athens based consumer savings app raised $10m in Series B funding led by Japan’s Global Brain and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Read more

Revolut - London based digital banking company raised an additional $80m to extend its Series D to $580m led by TCV. Read more

Scalable Capital - Munich based retail investment platform raised €50m in Series D funding from BlackRock, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures and Tengelmann Ventures. Read more

Selina Finance - London based alternative lender which provides credit to business borrowers raised £12m in Series A funding led by GFC and Picus Capital. Read more


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